#Dream Job

By:Madison Knight

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About my job

•I want to be a choreographer for plays and dances.                                             •You have to have a bachelor's Degree and some type of training•.                    •Salary-35,628

why am Interested in this career?

I am inrested in this career because I have danced for 4 years, and I love making up dances for me and other people.


•The college  I want to attend is Franklin and Marshall collage-Dance/General.      •you have to attend for 4 years

•50,300-tuition a year 2015-16.                                                                                          •total cost of education is 324,400=50,300+400+200+32,000=81,000x4=x

•I plan to get a scholarship from a dance competition.                                          •Because I'm going to do dance competition team next year

•2 Positive are that it has different things to do with dance, and not a big campus 2 negatives are 4 years in school and bachelors degrees are the highest

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