We've found BigFoot!!!

Or so we thought

In the summer of 2008 news circuits all across the US had revealed that the body of Bigfoot had officially been discovered in the state of Georgia.

Georgia, the final resting place of Bigfoot

In mid summer 2008 car salesman Rick Dyer and Sheriff Deputy Matt Whitton became YouTube phenomenon when they released a video claiming to have found and captured Bigfoot. Whitton and Dyer quickly caught the attention of Bigfoot enthusiast and media opportunist Tom Biscardi. Biscardi saw Dyer and Whitton finding as a quick and easy route to free publicity and recognition. With the hard work already complete Biscardi banded with the duo and the three began their national Bigfoot discovery takeover.

Well isn't that Ice

Prior to Dyer, Whitton and Biscardi other groups and organization had been on the search for Bigfoot for nearly 400 years. One group in particular was the Bigfoot Field Research Organization or the BFRO which Biscardi had been all too familiar with. Once the story of Bigfoot's body and Biscardi name were linked together, BFRO started conducting some research of their own. BFRO had discovered that the body that Dyer, Whitton and Biscardi were proclaiming to be Bigfoot was actually a custom filled with ICE.

Alleged corpseof Bigfoot

Once Dyer, Whitton and Biscardi story was exposed as an hoax, the three received legal penalties and Whitton lost his position as deputy. Despite walking around carrying shame and disgrace, the threesome did make off with several thousands of dollars and very short lived fame status. Still to this day, Dyer is proclaiming that he has actually spotted the real Bigfoot and that he will once 'again' prove nonbelievers wrong.

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