Breakfast for Dinner!!!

- Rudy Tooty Fresh and Fruity from IHOP

Reasons why breakfast for Dinner is best:

- You can eat it any time of the day. If you wake up at 6:00 in the afternoon, it's going to feel like you just woke up, so are you going to want breakfast or dinner? Breakfast!!! You can eat Chocolate Chip Pancakes from IHOP for Brinner (Breakfast + Dinner) and not feel guilty whatsoever. Lets be honest: would you rather have warm french toast drenched in maple syrup or leftover spaghetti that's cold in the middle for dinner???

- It tastes good!!! What's better than a fried egg, crispy bacon, warm buttery toast, and orange juice to go down with it? Nothing!!!

- You won't overeat during dinner! Going to sleep with a stomach full of meat and potatoes is really bad for your digestive system. It's signifigantly healthier for you to eat an Omelette.

Breakfast Recipe:

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