Sean Ringgold - Grabbing Life by the Horns

Sean Ringgold has chosen to grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest each and every day. He finds success in this method through his persistence and dedication to hard work. Sean has built a successful professional acting career through work that spans over a decade of experience. His aspirations are ambitious, as he hopes to one day land the lead role in a major action film, one that will allow him to perform his own stunts.

Ringgold’s desire to perform his own stunts in a major action movie comes from his extensive background in extreme sports and outdoorsman activities, as well as his practice of martial arts and boxing. As an avid extreme sports person, Sean Ringgold regularly participates in activities like surfing, mountain biking, skydiving, skiing and snowboarding, and wakeboarding, among the many.

He practices the precision driving of high performance cars and motorcycles as well, as he is non-acting work includes being a celebrity bodyguard, stuntman, model, and personal trainer, with training in martial arts and boxing. Ringgold is a former New York State Arm Wrestling Champion as well, adding to his impressive list of accolades.

Sean Ringgold is most notably recognized for his long-time character portrayal of Shaun Evans on ABC’s television drama, One Life to Live. He received an Emmy Nomination in 2011 for his role as Shaun Evans. Ringgold will be appearing in two films set to release in 2015; Burning Down, in which Sean plays Ed, the father of an autistic child, and No More Mr. Nice Guy, in which Ringgold plays ‘Majestic Moss’, avenging the death of his brother who was killed by unknown criminals.

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