Career Research Project

Computer Technician
Keegan Banister

Necessary Job Skills

-Communication Skills

-Team Work Skills

-Strong Work Ethic

Education Requirements

-High school Diploma

-Microsoft Certification

-Technical School

-Two Years Of A Related College Course.

Saint Ambrose University

Saint Ambrose is a 4 year university located in Davenport, Iowa. The location of this school, low cost, and scholar ship opportunities puts Saint Ambrose into my perspective. They offer several classes on technology as well as technical training.  

My grandpa once told me that a hard worker must have a hard conscious. I never really understood what it meant, but now as I grow older i'm starting to understand the meaning. This quote that my grandpa gave me plays a huge role in how i live my life, have relationships with friends, family, and how my work ethic is shown.

My father serves as my role model. He has shown me the correct ways to live my life, treat others, and how to get work done. He himself has a physically demanding job, which requires him to have a strong work ethic. He has taught me how to use my hands to make things and to express my creativity.  I focus my life around the morals he has taught me. My father has been a significant role model in my life and I am thank full to have him.

Sarah Fulton, reporter at the Morning Call website, reports that local school computer technician has had his work load tripled. The school is changing his work week from 1 day a week to 3 days a weeks. And will be paying him $203 a day. The school hired him to setup the network in the school, and to configure all of the computer labs. Its undetermined whether or not he will stay on staff to help trouble shoot any problems that may occur.  


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