The T-Rex Tooth, The Ak47, and The Sword

        The Roman god, Saturn had a child with a Russian woman. The woman lived in Russia, but she moved to Rome to satisfy her lover. However, she never saw her husband again after the birth of her son, Nikolai Van Boulderwick. At an early age, Nikolai had shown exceptional powers. He had the ability to fly at the age of 1. When he turned 2, he began showing signs of increased strength. His mother could tell that he was special when she saw him flying around with a boulder the size of their house. She taught him to suppress his powers, so no one would be frightened by him. She didn’t want him to be killed because of his powers. However, it was at the age of 10 that everything changed. Roman soldiers came to their house to put Nikolai into the Roman army boot camp to get him ready for the army. His mother refused, but they gave her no choice. She tried stopping them from taking Nikolai, but they hit her to the ground. Nikolai couldn’t take it any longer, so he broke from the soldier’s grasp and he killed each of the soldiers with a powerful punch. He grabbed his mother and flew to the outskirts of a forest in Sicily. She knew they were in grave danger now, so she told him to leave. If he left then he would be safe, and the army wouldn’t care about her. Like wildfire, word had spread to all the kingdoms of Italy that their was a demon that could kill a man with a touch of a finger. Within hours of their arrival on Sicily, there were people storming the forest looking for them. Tired from the long flight to Sicily, he had no energy to fly away. The pursuers stormed the forest, burning everything in their path. Nikolai and his mother tried running, but they got pinned against a cliff and the incessant raiders. They had two options, either jump off the cliff into the sharp rocky waters below and hope to live, or face the hundreds of people head on. Nikolai just wished that he and his mother could be somewhere far away from all people, and this is when a portal appeared over the edge of the cliff. His mother said that she would follow in after him. He didn’t want to go first, but his mother gave him no other choice after she pushed him in. After he fell through, he looked back to see the portal close before his mother had the chance to get through. He found himself left alone in a huge mysterious jungle.

        Isolated and afraid, he took the time to cry about everything that had just happened. He didn’t have much time though because a gigantic tyrannosaurus rex came out of the trees. Screaming a ferocious roar and showing its razor sharp teeth, it charged at Nikolai. He was so frustrated and upset about his mother that he too charged the t-rex. Afterwards, he walked out of the jungle a real man with a razor sharp tooth blade. He just thought about going back to Rome, and seeing his mother again with his new achievement, and surely enough, a portal appeared. His life was changed forever from that point on.

He quickly mastered his skills of strength, flight, and time travel, and he no longer feared anyone or anything. He went back to Rome, and lived a quiet life with his mother. However, all good things must come to an end. He learned that he wasn’t aging at the same pace as everyone else. He still looked about 16 when his mother died at the age of 90. From then on, he didn’t know what to do with himself. He knew that he could time travel back to his mother again and again, but that gave him no real relief. He would have to continue to watch her age and die. So instead he just time traveled all around the world with just the thought of her in his mind. Not sure what to do, he drank excessively and once he even counted every tree in Siberia. One day when he was extremely drunk, an Ak47 appeared out of no where. Not sure what it was, he almost shot himself with it. He passed out and woke up the next morning to figure out what exactly it was. He figured it was a miniature cannon that the Roman’s must have left after a battle or something. So he moved around time for about 721 years with his miniature cannon and liquor bottles , but he never once traveled forward in time past 1000 A.D. Staying behind that time, allowed him to see all he wanted to see. He didn’t want to see the hideous things of the future that he knew would come. Everything changed when his father came to see him though.

        Nikolai knew his father was Saturn, the Roman god of time, but he also knew that his father abandoned him and his mother all their life. Needless to say, Nikolai could care less about his father, and his problems. So when Saturn came to Nikolai during one of his expeditions in the mountains, Nikolai hardly listened. “Just hear me out son,” Saturn pleaded. “ I need your help in stopping a horrible monster in London.”

“Why not do it yourself then?” Nikolai asked.

“Because I want to give you meaning to your life” exclaimed Saturn. “I didn’t give you unlimited life and that powerful weapon just to waste it.”

“Why after all these years, why now?” Nikolai questioned. “So you gave me this gun?”

“Yes I gave you that gun in hopes that maybe you would help someone in need, and I am telling you now because I realized how sad and pathetic you looked” said Saturn. “I want you to do something that will change the world and make you happy.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?” asked Nikolai.

“I need you to slay a beast that is destroying London in 1940, or to get to the scientists before they can finish their experiment” Saturn said.

“What do I get in return?” Nikolai wondered.

“I will give you whatever your heart desires, so maybe you will forgive me for my mistakes in life” said Saturn.

“I’ll take it” Nikolai exclaimed. He was thinking about finally living a normal life with his mother back in Rome. After Nikolai answered, Saturn disappeared in the blink of an eye. Nikolai had no idea what he was getting himself into.

       Nikolai went straight to it, by opening a portal and going straight to London. He found himself in the city with a swarm of people around him. Nikolai wasn’t a very scary man from the inside, but from the outside he was terrifying. He had grown out a brown beard that covered the sides of his face all the way down his chin, and he had a mustache attached to his beard. So basically his entire face and body was covered by brown hair. He wore what looked to be a peasant’s hand me downs. It was a dirty wool tunic, with a wool hat, and he was barefoot. He was covered in dirt from head to toe, and not to mention he was carrying an Ak47, and a vodka bottle with him. It took people a second to realize how crazy and strange the man looked, and when they did many ran screaming in horror. The police soon arrived and Nikolai stood bewildered by what everyone else was wearing, but he quickly realized he had to get out of there before he was shot, so he teleported out. Learning from his first mistake, he tried copying what he remembered the other people wearing before he went back. When he arrived back, he no longer had such marvelous hair. He shaved off the beard, mustache, and long hair with his t-rex tooth that he still wore around his neck. He hid his Ak47 in his tunic, and he made himself some sandals from deer skin. Washed from the river, he scrubbed out all the dirt he had piled up on his body. After he was all done, he could hardly recognize himself in the reflection in the water. He remembered looking a lot older, but now he looked like he was in his thirties. He wanted to teleport to a quieter place, so he appeared in a library in his little bit cleaner tunic and body. Nonetheless, he still got some dirty looks, but at least now he looked semi-presentable. He rounded a corner in the library to get to his mission, but he ran into a woman that would change his life forever.

       He had knocked her over and the books in her hands fell out onto the floor. They both said sorry and went to pick up the books. He noticed she was reading about Roman mythology and history. So he looked up and asked, “So are you interested in Roman history?”

       She looked up and said, “ Yes, I’m fascinated about everything to do with Roman history and also Roman mythology. I’m a history professor at the University of London. Sorry, I didn’t get your name?”

“Oh right, sorry, I’m Nikolai Van Boulderwick, and yours?” asked Nikolai shyly.

“Sounds like you are Russian, and I’m Elizabeth May Waters,” she exclaimed.

“Sounds like you are European,” said Nikolai laughing a little bit under his breath.

“Those are some interesting clothes you got there, do you need help with anything?” she asked.

“Actually, I could use some help.  Do you happen to know where a giant frog the size of Godzilla is?” he asked curiously.

She laughed and said, “No, I’m afraid I haven’t seen any giant frogs lately.”

“I must be too early then, what year is it?” He asked.

“It is December 31st,1939 in London,” she said wondering where he was going with this.

“Okay, it appears I am early by a few days,” he said quietly, “so it must not have happened yet.”

“What hasn’t happened yet?” Elizabeth asked.

“The giant frog hasn’t appeared yet,” he said. “Could you take me to the nearest laboratory?”

“Well I can take you to the University of London’s laboratory, but not until you explain yourself,” she exclaimed.

“You will never believe me, unless I show you,” he proclaimed.

       “Show me then,” she demanded. He opened a portal at that given moment, grabbed her and flew in leaving her books behind. She was originally horrified, and she tried beating him to let her go, until she realized she was miles above the ground. She clenched to him for dear life. He realized her horror, so he brought her down closer to the ground where she could see all the Roman buildings. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the city. He took her to the ground, and she touched one of the buildings to make sure it was real. She saw all the people gathered in the distant plaza. Then he took her by the hand, and they went through another portal. This portal showed the giant frogzilla destroying London. She was horrified again, and told him to take her back. When they arrived back in the library, her books were still scattered across the floor. “Do you understand why it is so important to help me now?” Nikolai asked.

       She nodded her head and said, “Before I take you, you are going to need an entirely new wardrobe.”

“I don’t have any money though,” he said disappointed.

       “Because you're saving the world, I think I can cover it,” she explained. So their relationship began just that easily. In that one day of shopping and grooming, they really got to know each other. He explained everything he had been through, and how old he truly was. He explained his dad and mom, and the clothing. After his mom passed, he had never had the chance to talk so much in his life. He loved how she listened with those big blue eyes of hers. She was in her mid thirties, and she had luxurious long brown hair. She wore a black skirt and a black top, like most professors did during this time, and she was the most beautiful woman Nikolai had ever seen in his 721 years of life. She too was amazed at how attracted she was to Nikolai. She could listen to him talk all day long. When she talked, he would listen to her with utter delight and she loved that. After the long day was done, he looked fabulous in his perfectly cut hair and his well groomed suit and tie.To hid his Ak47 and knife, they put them in a big briefcase that he carried with him. Once the day was over, he promised her he would meet her again at the same library at the same time.

        When they met back up the next day, they were both wearing the same thing they did the last day. She took him to the University’s lab, but she hardly believed the experiment going on there. Inside the lab were two scientists she had never seen before in her life. They had a frog in a cage, and there were needles and bottles full of different chemicals and liquids surrounding the cage. Once Nikolai and Elizabeth walked into the lab, a trap went off trapping them both in sticky webbing. They hung upside down from the ceiling trapped in the webbing. The scientists laughed saying that they had expected someone to pick up on what they were doing. Thankfully, the room wasn’t any bigger than a typical classroom size. This allowed for Nikolai to break the webbing and go after one of the scientists before he injected the frog with the needle. However, what he didn’t notice was the other scientist putting a knife to Elizabeth's throat. The scientist known as Richard held Elizabeth shouted, “Stop, before you regret what you do!” Nikolai stopped right before he was going to finish the other scientist off. He tried creating a portal, but for some reason he couldn’t.

     “Please Nikolai help me,” Elizabeth cried.

     “Be quiet girl,” said Richard rudely. Secretly, Nikolai acted like he was going for his briefcase, but he really wanted the two pencils he saw on the floor. As Nikolai had predicted, the scientist known as Jacob,stopped him before he could get the case. Jacob hit Nikolai over the head, and Nikolai fell on his face to the floor. While Nikolai was still on the ground, the scientist took the needle and injected the frog. At that same moment, Nikolai threw one pencil straight at Richard who was still holding Elizabeth, and the other pencil he put into the back of Jacob’s head. They both fell dead, but it was still too late. The giant frogzilla was growing and breaking the walls and ceiling around them. He grabbed Elizabeth and flew out of the building before it was too late.

      He knew his first priority was to get Elizabeth out of harms way. He set her back at the library that was far away from the lab. Before he left to go kill the frogzilla, Elizabeth stopped him and gave him a kiss before he left. After Nikolai got out of his daydreams, he realized he forgot his briefcase back at the lab. Once he arrived at the lab, he thought why not just teleport back again and be ready for the scientists this time. However, when he tried to make a portal he still couldn’t. What he didn’t realize is there was an electrical generator in the lab that messes up the ions in your brain, so you can’t think straight. The scientists had it to help the frog not reject their injections. So instead, Nikolai decided to face the beast head on. Nikolai flew all around it shooting every part of the frog, but it appeared that the bullets had no effect on the frog. So he tried cutting the frog with his t-rex tooth, but it too could not break the frog’s skin. His next best thought was to go for its eyes, but when he flew in to stab its eye, he got wrapped up in the frog’s tongue. His Ak47 and t-rex tooth both fell to the ground when he got smacked by the tongue. Helplessly wrapped up in the frog’s tongue thousands of feet in the air, he felt like he did the first time he left his mother. He felt alone and scared all over again, but this time he had no way out. As the frog was drawing Nikolai in to eat him, a ray of light shattered across the morning sky and the frog was immobilized. A random sword appeared out of no where, and Nikolai grabbed it. The power of a thousand ages could be felt through the sword. He thought to himself, “Thanks dad.” He took the sword and slashed the frog’s tongue off. Realizing that the tongue was the frog’s weak spot, he took the sword and cut off the entire tongue of the frog. The giant frog the size of godzilla fell to the ground dead. Nikolai flew back down to the crushed laboratory. His dad appeared and said, “Well done son. You have done what I asked of you, so now I can grant you that wish I promised.” Elizabeth came out from behind some of the rubble of the lab.

“What are you doing here?” asked Nikolai.

“I noticed when we were captured that there was an electrical generator in the back. I have worked with one before, so I had a feeling it was the machine that messed up your portals. I had a bad feeling that you would die without your portal, so I ran back here as fast as I could.”

“I couldn’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me,” exclaimed Nikolai as he kissed her.

“ Excuse me,” said Saturn. “There is still a very important wish for you to make mister. Do you want to go live a normal life with your mother or not?” Saturn opened a portal back to Rome. Nikolai stopped and looked at Elizabeth.

“You know dad, I couldn’t thank you enough for what you did for me, but I would like to ask one more favor,” exclaimed Nikolai. “I would like to stay here with Elizabeth, and have a normal life with her.”

“As long as you can forgive me for all the hardships I must have put on you and your mother,” said Saturn.

“I forgive you dad,” Nikolai said as he hugged his dad. Saturn told him that by the next

morning, he would no longer have his powers. After that the portal closed, and Saturn disappeared. Nikolai had to do a few more things before his powers were gone.

      Nikolai picked up the giant tongue, and he gave it to the people of London. The rest of the body he picked up and dropped into the Atlantic Ocean. The tongue served thousands of starving people due to the war, and they dedicated a statue to the stranger with his strange weapons. He then used the remainder of his powers to suit to Elizabeth’s wants. He showed her all of Rome, and everything else she ever wanted to know. He took her back to meet his mom, and he showed her the prehistoric jungle he had been in. Sitting above the fireplace of their home, is the t-rex tooth, Ak47, and sword that represent the stages he went through. After the long day was finally coming to a close, Nikolai sat with Elizabeth outside on the porch of their house and watched as a shooting star went by in the sky.

“Bye dad,” thought Nikolai.

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