Jessica Schulhof

I am currently  reading  the book called Win Dixie. I have been reading more of the book and what has been happening is that she has been taking care of Win Dixie a lot . Ovals dad has been liking Win Dixie and has been spending more time with him. As you know Ovals only friend is Win Dixie. She would be having a lot more friends but they bully her a lot she says in the begin of the book. One day when Win Dixie is taking Oval somewhere she dose not know where she is going. What do you know Win Dixie is taking Oval to a dog store that has a lot of animals and leashes . Win Dixie wants Oval to buy him a leash. A few hours later....... They walk past a library and Oval Goes in and buys a book. There is a librarian  on the floor and she screams and oval says whats wrong? She says there's a bear in the window peeking in! What do you know it is Win Dixie peeking through the window because he dose not like to be left alone . She fell because she has a bad experience with a bear.

     Win Dixie is a good book because I am always interested in whats going to happen next.I am always ending up whats going to happen next. This book is interesting to me because  I like the characters,Win Dixie,dad,and Oval. I am so excited in what is going to happen next!

Jessica Schulhof

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3 years ago

Nice response. I liked how you showed Opal's surprise when she thought Winn Dixie was a bear. Again, you don't have to retell the story. You can just write about what you notice the author doing. How does she show that Winn Dixie is an unusually smart dog? How does she show that Opal cares for Winn Dixie and will do anything for her? Also, make sure you reread your response carefully. Notice how the title should be spelled and how Opal's name is spelled.