Dear Immigrant,

Welcome to Swaziland. I am so happy to have you come to our country. I have prepared this welcome letter to assist with your transition from Oelwein, Iowa USA.


When children go to school, they wear uniforms. They wear different specific colors for each school. Both women and men wear beaded necklaces. Usually, Swaziland married women cover their heads in public. They use a bright scarf to do so. Some men have dreadlocks. Young women usually like to wear different kinds of braids. When people in Swaziland are chatting or at a dinner, they are very clean. They take pride in the way they appear.


Usually Swazi's eat two meals a day including vegetables, fruits, and meat. Meat is usually eaten with hands. They also like to eat “liphalishi”. (A stiff porridge.) Men usually receive the best choice of meat. (heart, liver, intestines and the head.)


There are three major holidays in Swaziland. Lusekwane, Incwala, and Umhlanga. Lusekwane is in late December. Young men bring in Lusekwane tree branches, and celebrate. Incwala is a few days later. The king eats the new fruits of the harvest. Incwala lasts several days. It includes feasts, dancing, singing, and slaying a bull. Umhlanga is in late August or early September. Girls that can marry, dance in front of the royal family. The holiday lasts 8 days.


Artists style pots and weave cotton into pretty rugs. Carvings of wildlife and humans are common also.


SuSuki and English are Swaziland’s languages.


In the early 1800’s, Sobhuza I was proclaimed king. In the 1840’s, King Mswati succeeded Sobhuza, and took the throne. This is Swaziland's flag. Swazilands's flag was adopted on Oct. 30th, 1967.

Government and Economy

The voting age in Swaziland is 18. The house of assembly chooses 10 senators. Swaziland’s currency is the lilangeni. Most Swaziland people are farmers. Swaziland's capitol is Mbabane.

Popular foods

Most Swazis eat oranges, maize, bananas, peaches, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, and meat. Those are the foods they usually eat.


Many people travel on foot for short distances. Cars drive on the left side of the road. Buses are also used by people.


Both genders can go to school. Some things you may really like about our country is that Swaziland produces great fruits, vegetables, and meats. People are trustworthy and kind. Some things you may not like about our country is that when someone gets married, 2 beasts are slaughtered. You might on occasion see polygamy in some places too.

I'm so glad that you will be staying here. Swaziland is really great!

In friendship,

Melissa Campbell


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