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Microsoft OneNote

"Just what is OneNote and how can it help me in my classroom?"

Understanding the Platform

Virtual Notebook vs. Hard Bound Notebook

Session Descriptor:
Curious about Microsoft OneNote, but not sure what is is exactly or what it can do for you in the classroom?  OneNote is an amazing, note-taking tool for teachers.  Let's explore it together in this session.  Walk through basic navigation as well as how to use it to create notebooks, organize and share files, collaborate with students and colleagues, and a whole lot more!

         Target Audience K-12 Educators

Success Criteria:

  • Participants will open up an existing OneNote in both the online version and the installed version while understanding the difference with each.
  • Participants will create a OneNote Notebook.
  • Participants will create sections and pages within a OneNote Notebook.
  • Participants will add text, images, and files to pages within a OneNote Notebook.

Microsoft OneNote: Installed Vs. Web-based

How will you access your OneNote notebook? If you have your hard copy notebook, you will simply retrieve it from your bookcase. But retrieving your digital notebook requires you to understand the difference between your installed version
of OneNote and the Web-based Version.

***Important Side Note***

Always create your new OneNote notebooks in the web-based version.  This is imperative to ensure your installed version and your web-based version sync changes correctly.  Once you have created your OneNote in the web-based version, you can edit in either platform with both versions syncing correctly.

Group Discussion:  After creating your OneNote in the online version, why would you prefer using one platform over the other?

In Part One, we will explore and become familiar with the following OneNote options:

  • Creating a new notebook
  • Opening a notebook
  • Investigating Sections and Section Preferences
  • Exploring Pages
  • Delving into Ribbons
  • Looking at Text Boxes
  • Navigating the Bookshelf.
  • Tagging
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images and Screen Clippings
  • Templates
  • Drawing Ribbon
  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Searching

There are many ways to use OneNote in the Classroom:

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