Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Nursery rhymes and old songs have featured bed bugs every now and then, and every night when parents tuck their children in, they very lovingly say, ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’. But does anyone really know what these bed bugs are? If you did, you would know why it is important to not let them bite you. Bed bugs are actually parasites that belong to the cimicid family. The most common bed bug is called cimex lectularius. These parasites got the name of bed bug because the most preferable habitat for them is found in between the mattresses where it is warm. In such conditions they can breed very aggressively which results in an excessive infestation. The common bed bug feeds on the human blood. There are other types of such parasites as well that feed on animal blood and mostly found in areas where temperatures are warm and humid.

Many people also get bed bugs when they travel. Since there are many different ways by which you can start carrying these, it is important to know how do you get bed bugs. When you are traveling, and this is not limited to third world countries or places that have humid conditions, bed bugs can get attached to your bags or even your clothing. Since they are very small in size, it is not possible for you to note when you get these. You can even get them from hotel rooms or airplanes and trains. It is hard to detect them with the naked eye. You need to know, at this point, how to check for bed bugs. You need to start by assuming that not all places are very clean and that there are chances that bed bugs can be present in the best of places. To avoid getting them in your bags or luggage, always make use of wooden surfaces to store your luggage. Never keep them on sheets or on the bed. Make use of coat hangers for your coats and other cloth items.

If you are in doubt that your home has a bed bug infestation then you can check for them by looking for blood stains on the sheet that could have happened if you rolled over them in your sleep. If you observe black spots on your sheets or mattresses or even on your sofa that could also be an indication that you have a bed bug infestation. Other indications that can let you know about the presence of bed bugs is the appearance of small eggs, Adult bed bugs are small in size and red brown in color, and to the naked eye they would appear to look something like apple seeds. This is some general information that you can use to get to know about detecting bed bugs. Along with this you should also learn how to kill bed bugs which can be done by using medication or sprays on your mattresses and sheets. But, it is always best to prevent the infestation from happening.

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