The worst mixed message you could possibly send

I Was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #22

Congress and Governors, it’s not, we the public don't like the President, it’s we don’t like you and this mid-term election proved it.

You chose not to support the party leader, but to ask those who support the party leader to support you, that was a crack head move! You have got to be kidding yourself, because you weren't kidding the public.

2/3 of the voting public didn't show up for you Congress and Governors, because you didn't do what was expected of you. The voting public gave you two opportunities to get your shit together and you didn't. I vote because it’s my duty to do so. I believe in the democratic process, party and party leaders.

This might be a surprise to you; I didn't vote for a person, I voted for a party and party ideas which benefit all of the public. I believe we must hold our elected officials accountable to doing the work of the people.

How does it feel?

They say politics is a blood sport, we are about to see just how much blood we can stomach. Not turning out is going to show whether or not voters, giving both houses of government to one party is how we get things done or will it get worse.

What does 2/3 actually look like?

Why is this referendum on the President or Hillary, when neither the President nor Hillary was on the ballots? Nice try candidates, governors, O yes Mr. Paul. They lost because they didn't cut the grade. They have no one to blame but themselves and Mr. Paul you’re not fooling anyone. I SEE YOU!

So to you Democratic elected officials who were lucky enough to keep your jobs this round, if you don’t do your job and that’s the job of the people,  you will lose it, just ask the ones who lost. Get your head out your derriere; compromise and recognize you’re our elected officials. We put you in the office and we can take you out.

Enough said!

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Tyrone Glover