comma rules

8 rules

1.   Separate phrases that don't need to be there.

Ex: My goldfish, Bubbles, is a really fast swimmer.

2.   When  linking two independent claues with a conjunction.

Ex:  I want to hangout with my friends, but i have to go to my football tournament.

3.When  you're addressing some one in particular .

Ex:  Let's go eat, Donald.

4.When making a list.

Ex: Peanut  butter, jelly, and bread.

5.When you have more then one adjectives modifying a noun.

Ex: The cute, cuddly pug.

6. After introduceing phrases or clauses.

Ex: Once you finsh your homework, you must clean the dishes.

The "other" three

7. Dates

Ex: Decmber 31, 2012

8. End of a letter

Ex: Love, pie

9. States

Ex: Cumming, Georgia

When not to use a comma

1.When separating   two independent clauses without a conjunction .

2. After a conjunction  .

3. When seperating a dependent and independent clause wtih a conjuction.

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