Bullets to Ballots

Your Headline

Demick Hobbs

Mr.  Lee

April 4th, 2014

Cultural Geography

1.     The groups involved were the United States, Peasants, Guerillas, Guatemala, and the Army and Wealthy.  The United States had the most power out of all of these groups because they had the most money out of any of these groups and were much more powerful, they also had a very strong military force giving them the most power. 

2.     The balance of power shifted throughout this game because some groups were connecting and negotiating with other groups to create a larger source of power.  This caused power to shift throughout the game and it caused other groups to change decisions in order to deal with this.  Groups teamed up because the more power you get, the more dominant you can be in this game. 

3.     Cooperation was shown by certain groups trying to negotiate with other groups to share power.  However, there was also much conflict such as groups creating treaties and than a certain group would not stick by these treaties, causing many threats, conflict, and altercation.

4.     The United States role was very important in this game.  They had the most power so they mainly established the rules for all other powers or groups.  They were smart and intelligent and established there power well. 

5.     If power shifts in a country the effect can be sometimes positive and sometimes negative, it depends on if this country distributes the power well or not.  It depends how they use this power on if it is a positive or negative outcome.

6.     This game can relate to my life in many different ways!  For example, conflict and cooperation may occur with friends or family if we are trying to agree on something or not.  Conflict may occur in my life if I get in an argument with someone and we can not agree with each other and we take action.  Power also runs throughout my family, my parents are the most powerful, while my siblings and I are less powerful.  My parents are the ruling countries and they distribute the rules while my siblings and I obey.  This all relates to the game and is almost the same thing. 


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