Basics about the country

-Panama is about 30,000 square miles and its size is comparable to Massachusetts

-About 3.9 million people live here and most people have heard about this country because of the Panama Canal. This is a ship passage that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

-Spanish is the official language of Panama and english is the next most spoken. 88% of people speak spanish fluently and 14% of people can speak english fluently. In school they have the opportunity to study many different languages such as Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic

-A Global Leadership Report said that 32% of people approve of U.S. government, 16% disapprove, and 52% were uncertain. It is safe to travel here and many people from Panama travel to the U.S. for better educations. Their government is a Democratic Republic.

-Panama has a tropical climate and very high temperatures and humidity. There are about 500 rivers throughout the country. Also there is a central spine of mountains that goes all the way through the S shaped country.

Attractions of Panama

-A main feature in Panama is the Panama Canal. You can get a tour for around $100

-There are many different hiking tours you can take through the rain forests. Also there is scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating.

-The Old City is a great place to visit. It is the remains of the farmer capitol, Panama City. In 1519 the first english settlement was built here and eventually was promoted to the status of a city

-The new capitol, Panama City, is a very large city with many gardens and statues so its a nice place to hangout and explore. Only downside is it is very busy but thats expected with a downtown area

-The culture of Panama derived from the cultures of Indigenous peoples of Panama, art and traditions, as well as African Culture that were brought over by the Spanish to Panama

-Some of the main Panamanian dishes are empanadas, tortillas, corvina, and arroz con pollo

A trip to Panama

-plane tickets I've found from $250 to $600 depending on how safely or nice you want to fly

-You can find hotels in just about andy type of area you want from the city, to the rain forrest, to the beach. There are very nice five star hotels that can be around $1,000 per person per week

-A passport is the only thing needed to enter the country and you can stay 6 months

-Panama is generally a safe country. You can expect about the same crime rates and types of crime as in the United States such a theft and credit card fraud.

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