ARK of Central OHIO Workforce Solutions

SO Not ONE Wasted Life at WORK

What's Your Dream?

The ARK of Central Ohio – We offer services as Organizational Life Consultants (called Dream Advocates) helping individuals and companies to discover personal, career, and organizational dreams.  ARK organizational life consultants/coaches help people with the process of making personal, career decisions by helping them choose educational programs, careers, or entrepreneurial directions and personal goals.  Giving people the tools, they need to build the life they want.  Giving companies the tools to help their people link their personal dreams to organizational vision and goals.

· Workforce Specialist -Talent Resourcing

· Organizational Life Coaching

· Group Seminars and Workshops

· Keynote Speaking


After 20+ years working with both employers and employees we were looking for an opportunity to serve and respect the workplace on a broader scale by honoring worthwhile work and workers.


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