Ecology Scrapbook

Created by: Thompson Vise

Ecology is the study of  organisms and how they react and interact with there environment including other organisms in there ecosystem.

Tigers live in all of Asia the land there is different then the rest of Asia, in many places it is cold all year and in others it is hot all. There are lots of mountains and plains and deserts too.

A community is different animals that interact in a ecosystem so that they can eat and survive. They need abiotic factors like the sun to start the food chain water so they can drink and the earth so that they can have a place to rest and a place for plants to grow. and biotic factors Ecology is the scientific study of interactions among organisms and their environment, such as the interactions organisms have with each other and with their abiotic environment. that they can eat and reproduce.

Animal All breath air, all have hair or fur, All are multi cellular

Protista multi and uni cellular, are auto hetro, and are the most disperse kingdom.

Plantae all have photosynthesis, all cell walls are multi cellular  

Fungi have cell wall are decomposers have photosynthesis

A snapper is a consumer that eats grass and is eaten by Dolphins, and Sharks It is a cannot make  its own food and must rely on other organisms both plants and animals for nutrition. A producer is a organism that gets energy from the sun and and is eaten by other organisms called consumers(plants). Consumers eat producers and other consumers(Snappers,and Yellow-eye mullets). Decomposers eat producers and consumers when they die(bacteria,)  

The sun, rain, wind, and water are all abiotic factors. Animals need abiotic factors because they need the sun so that plants can create oxygen, so that they can drink the water, and wind so that plant seeds will spread and new plants will grow and bring food(producers) to a new area.

The polar bears use the ice to keep them from drowing in the water and fish swim around it so they can go swimming.(

The polar bear uses the rock for warmth and so that food will walk by without seeing it so it can catch it easier.

The owl uses the snow to hide from prey so that it can catch the prey easier.

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