Cynthia Rylant

Alyssa Dunston      Core 2       10-8-14

Ever heard of the Checkouts by Cynthia Rylant?

Settings is Cincinnati at a grocery store.

The girl has thick long brown hair. She is does not want to begin a new life. But after she sees the bag boy she checks him out.

The boy works at the grocery store were he sees her. He is a coward for not talking to her when he liked her.

They like each other but never say anything to each other. Then they move on without even talking to each other. When they were at the movies with somebody else they still didn't say anything.

The girls parents moved her to Cincinnati so she can meet new friends. When she first saw him she loved him. They see each other 3 times but never saw anything to each other.

But you'll have to read the story to know what happened.

I think the story was very interesting because of what happened throughout the story.

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