What are some symptoms of Autism?


Scientists discover, all around the world, issues and solutions every day. Most of them relate to older people, but there is million of children dying every day of health issues. In this article, I will inform you on the symptoms of autism present among children. Most children start talking and reacting when they hear their name or they point objects that attract them. Unfortunately, 1 in 2 000 are diagnosed with autism; this means that a lot of children all across the world are limited with their actions. The children affected with autism have problems developing nonverbal communication skills with others and have a lack of interest in sharing enjoyment and interests. A lot of these children have difficulty understanding other people’s feeling, for example, pain or sorrow. A big part of children with autism have a delay in learning to talk, in other words, 40% of people with autism never speak. These humans are limited with their interests in activities or play, and imagine they are children and usually children love to play around and be active, but these children have an unusual focus and they have a need of sameness in routines. For example, when their parents bring them to school, they always have to take the same path or else the children will be confused and he or she can be aggressive and be scared. This issue is similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but more sever for people with autism. An other symptom that 40% to 70% of people with autism have is problem sleeping. Some say that this next symptom is an advantage for children with Autism and others say that it’s not: 10% of people with autism have some form of savant skills – special limited gift, for example, memorizing lists, calculating, drawing or musical abilities. We can see that there is a lot of symptoms related to Autism and unfortunately it is more the children that are touched by this disorder. A solution to help these children would be an early and intensive treatment that would help them improve their ability to relate to others, communicate and help themselves as they grow older to be more be open to new things.

-Erica Tomassi

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