Courtney Schattle

Courtney Schattle on Crime Scene Day!

Over the past seven years I have had the privilege of teaching Kindergartners to fourth graders, and each year I have enjoyed investing in my students lives.  Throughout the years of teaching  I feel that I have grown and learned new methods and strategies that have kept teaching new and fresh.  I love creating lessons that are unique and engage my students.  I am constantly searching out new ideas. If you stepped into my classroom on a normal day you would notice a fun and inviting environment, where my students manage their own learning. I work hard to create an environment that is "family" like. We respect each other and hold each other responsible. I want my students to know that I care about them, beyond my classroom.

I also have a passion for technology.  I believe technology is a must in my students academic and future success, and the younger I introduce it the easier it will be.  Not only is technology important, but my students love it.  It helps keep my students motivated and excited.

Everyday in teaching is a new adventure, and I am privileged to play a part in my students story.