Kindle Unlimited in the UK

It's here, it includes audio, and it's cheap

Amazon's eBook subscription service has hit the UK, and it's dangerously low priced. But do we have to worry? Yes and no.

- Yes because the selection includes audiobooks, free audio companions and titles with digital narration enabled, at Audible quality, from what I understand. Quite a notch above text-to-speech.

- No because the Netflix of books won't be as successful as the Spotify of books would.

I was going to avoid any such reference but on second thought, I won't. Netflix has had one really big hurdle that they've never really got over, and that was catalogue size. Name a song you can't find on Spotify.

Amazon is going to run into that - the biggest publishers are conspicuously absent and, although they deserve kudos for having Scholastic, Pottermore, Canongate, Head of Zeus and quite a few other publishers with big titles on board, people won't be forever content with big releases from years ago. That said, the dominance of the Big However Many certainly seems to have dissolved.

The video is amazing, though, you have to give them that.