Wanted, someone to cut the grass! If you cut the grass each Wednesday, you will get $25 each time. If you start work, that will signify acceptance of the offer.

Deadline to start will be October 8, 2014

Welcome to contracts class. Start by posting a friendly greeting in the student lounge. Start the course module 01 readings and post a preliminary idea in the weekly graded discussion. There will be multiple tools to help you do the quizzes and written assignments. Call the Instructor at the phone number in the Instructor Information box under Course. We will have a week one live lecture. See the live lecture box for the log in time and link. The link to attend live will always be the same. There will be recordings and those links will all be different. Recording links will be sent out by course mail in attached documents.

Professor Kirk Olson

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3 years ago

This will work as long as students read the entire left side of the screen.