Spirituality in a Digital Age- Day Two

narratives (from Mighty Stories, Dangerous Rituals)

RE: Myth and Parable:

Parabolic narratives show the seams and edges of the myths we fashion.
Parables show the fault lines beneath the comfortable surfaces of the worlds we build for ourselves. Myth may give stability to our story, but parables are agents of change and sometimes disruption. (14)

Parable keeps us moving toward the edge, so that we can discover and
chart a better tomorrow. Myth, on the other hand, establishes equilibrium and generates sufficient hope so that we can move on and explore that edge. (32)

RE: Stories and Rituals

When we are willing to admit the possibility of God’s presence in ordinary
human events, we will be more likely to fashion our human narratives —composed of so many such events — in the light of that presence. (40)

When we listen carefully to people, we will discover that they often live
with competing stories but no narrative, no overarching way of weaving their stories together and little understanding of the ordinary, daily connection between the human and divine narratives. (47)

                                 in digitally-formed society

                                        and in theology

we are

changing the way we look

   at God....

             at community...

                    and at learning, discovering, growing in life/faith

Good storytelling
                    starts with

...One such structure: STORY-CIRCLES

• tell a story about a moment when you knew what “hope” means (two


• pause for 15 seconds

• other group mates suggest titles for the story for up to two minutes

(storyteller is turned around, not facing the others at this point)

• storyteller chooses a title (one suggested, or their own suggestion)

• pause for 15 seconds

• go through the process again for the next person

• at the end, bring the chosen titles back to the larger group

O U R  S T O R Y  T I T L E S

The Virgin Upside-Down


Punctured Hope

The Unexpected Gift

Hope in Murphy's Law

The Gift

Hope on a String

Never Give Up

Light from Darkness

Gorący for Goats

Relocating Grace

Rooted in Hope

A Mother's Love

From Terminated to Germinated

Seeing Through the Fog

Mysterious Consolation

How can we use story-circles?  (some class responses)

it can spark creative energies in our communities

it teaches us how to LISTEN

it gives non-English speakers who are more inclined to hide, to open up

                                            (sometimes tight structures can be freeing)

We learn how to LIFT up particular stories (of faith, of life) that resonate

                       How might you "story" the practices talked about in the One Hope book?


Books, icons, liturgies, hymns ... we've always used mediums in the church.

The issue isn't just about whether or not we should use new media forms...

          ...it's about listening to people

                     ...it's about entering into a dynamic process with the world

                                         ...and allowing space to create and respond, within (and                                                           alongside) our established structures...

"Instead of talking about the 'unchurched'...

        ... we should be talking about the 'unheard.'"