Margaret of Scotland
Cheyenne Hiebner

10 Facts about Margaret...

1. Born in 1045 in the Kingdom of Hungary

2. She started as an English Princess

3. Her mother and her left Scotland

4. King Malcolm and Margaret fell in love and got married soon after

5. She helped King Malcolm by...

      - Softening his temper

      - Changing his country for the better

      - She helped civilize the court

St Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle

6. She worked hard to have churches built in Scotland

7. Margaret and King Malcolm had 8 children

      - Edward (Killed at war)

      - Edmund, of Scotland

      - Ethelred, abbot of Dunkeld

      - Edgar, of Scotland and then King of Scotland

      - Alexander I of Scotland and then King of Scotland

      - Edith of Scotland (married to King Henry I of England

      - Mary of Scotland (married Eustace III of Boulogne

      - David I of Scotland and King of Scotland

8. She was declared a saint in 1250

St. Margaret of Scotland Church

9. She was declared Patroness of Scotland in 1673

10. Died November 6, 1093 (3 days after her husband and son, Edward died)

Original burial place of Margaret of Scotland