Texas State University

By: Brandi Posey


~ High School Classes include: 4 English Credits, 4 Math Credits, 4 Science Credits, 4 Social Study Credits, 2 Foreign Language, 1 Fine Art ,1 P.E Credit

~Testing: Top Ten Automatic Acceptance, 1st Quartile mus have SAT-920 & ACT-20, 2nd Quartile must have SAT-1010 & ACT-22, 3rd Quartile must have SAT-1180 & ACT-26, 4th Quartile must have SAT-1270 and ACT-29

~Special Requirements: If wanting to be Accepted to the McCoy College of Business Administration you must be in top 25% of your class or have a SAT of 1200 and Act of 27.

~Deadline to Apply: May 1st is the deadline to apply as a Freshmen.

~Application Fee: $75 is required when applying for Texas State University

~Contact Admissions: To contact Admissions you can visit admissions.txstate.edu

Academic Cost:

~Tuition & Fees: $4,670

~Books and Supplies: $425


~ Contact Scholarship Office: finaid.txstate.edu/scholarships

Financial Aid:

~Deadline: March 15th

~Required Form: FAFSA

~Aid Available: Loans, Scholarships, Grants, and Employment Opportunity

Housing Cost:

~Campus Housing: $1535-$4455

~Average On Campus Housing: $3472.83

~Contact Housing Office: reslife.txstate.edu


~Jobs on and Off Campus: Resident Assistants, Summer Conference Assistant, Summer Desk Assistant

~Contact Employment Office: reslife.txstate.edu

Campus Visits:

~Requirements: You must register ahead of time.

~Camus Visit Options: Bobcat Day, Regular 60-90 Minute tour

~Contact to set up Appointment: admissions.txstate.edu/bobcatdays

Work Cited: texasstate.edu

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