the love of rebellion

  Essence Storm &Priscilla Quezada 1st Period

The greatest pleasure in life  is doing what they say you cant do.

Red: the Blood of angry men Black: the dark of ages past Blue: the night that ends at last Tree: The freedom to live

Kada the great

Our leader, who began the rebellion for our freedom, goes by the name of Kada. Kada is believed to be a fallen member of our enemies, having broken free of their evil hold for the lies fed to the common citizen. Kada has never been afraid of the government in which we rebel, making her the ideal leader for our purpose. Her believing that although they say we cant do something, we are still capable, empowers the rebellion more each day.

The Constitution

Constitution of Ramul



The name of this country will be Ramul



The purpose of this country is to provide a safe and free place for citizens to live and prosper in.

The purpose of Ramul it purely to provide ,as much as governmental power can, a good life for the people who for several years were oppressed. Anyone in Ramul is free to speak what they believe and to live in a non-self-destructive lifestyle. This is unlike the country of NewWick because they believe in a fixed system of people not going against them and following their own sense of how people should live their lives.


To be apart of the country, you must be pro-rebellion and not be afraid of the the city of NewWick. Each citizen must be supportive of free will and not be dependent on anyone but the country for survival. The government requires that citizens must be prepared to fight for the country if war or a threat come. In NewWick, citizens are only expected to just follow what the government says no matter how horrid it is.


Our country will be governed by Kada . All will be governed by the federal government lead by a president elected by the people in a national vote. To insure that the country's government won't become corrupt, to become a president must be elected by 95% of the country, live in the country for at least half of their life. NewWick’s government elects who will govern them for their people without consulting their citizens.


The responsibilities of the government are to insure the safety of the people, are to be kept accountable for the economical well being of the country and to keep the peace between people and countries. Our government promises to protect citizens and keep our country out of poverty. The people of Ramul must keep the peace between themselves and be faithful to the country and government. In NewWick, people are all expected to be the same so that no conflicts will erupt but no one is capable of being the same the way they want that.


Laws made to protect the citizens are

1) Of speaking of religion to people not of their religion is not acceptable.

2)Any man or women can leave the country if they please but if from another country must ask for entry to protect Citizens of Ramul from the risk of attack.

3) All children must attend school for six years minimum.

4) Any who wish to get financial help from the government must have at least one full time job.

5) Adults must be married to have children.

6) Going against the government in a violent way will result in a punishment of imprisonment.

7) Under aged miners, 16 years of age or younger, must be accompanied into a foreign country.

8) Any negative comment against another citizen causing self-hatred is banned.

9) All are free so speak their opinion as long as it is in a productive manner and helps the government improve.



Ramul has a basic schooling system where children must go to school for a minimum of six years. Ramul has a free education system which will be paid by a small taxation on citizens. A State University will be available for those willing to pay and take the time to attend.With under aged students who don't wish to attend school will be put on a special program to fit the curriculum to the interest of the student. NewWick believes that everyone should attend school for minimum of twelve years and does not give students reasons or initiatives to actually attend. Also, it is not a free educational system.


The symbol and flag of Ramul is a red tree on navy blue with a black cross. The Red of the tree stands for the blood of the angered men, the black the darkness that has consumed our people in the past, and the blue for the night of oppression that will finally end. The tree represents the freedom of living how you please in a non-self-destructive manner. This is everything that NewWick does not support.


Our leader is Kada, a fallen member of our memories.

Room 101

The Ministry of Love. Room 101. Throughout the history of NewWick, people who have gone against the government or even just thought against it, have been taken to a “recreational facility” when in reality they’ve lied to the people. In room 101, the “recreational room”, is, in reality, a place of everlasting torture. Room 101 is a place where you must face your worst fears.

No amount of words can explain the terror that occurs beyond the walls of that dreaded room and building. Within those boundaries, one’s mind in accessed and tampered with using the stalk home syndrome method. In the ministry of love building, prisoners are kept in a room covered in posters of their leader. They only fed or something to drink when workers believe the prisoner is making progress. If not, they go weeks upon weeks without being fed and dehydrated.

In addition to the horrible torture of starvation, prisoners are beaten mercilessly. Room 101, the horrible room that runs the facility, is filled with devices made to harm. Anything you can imagine to torture a person.

At times, in “extreme” cases of “disobedience”, family or friends of the prisoner are targeted as a way to get into their head. They as well are tortured in front of the prisoner repeatedly till they believe the lies fed to them. Lie detectors are used to ensure they really believe and aren’t just saying what is wanted to be said for the sack of their loved ones.

Propaganda Posters


They are to blame for their ignorance
In room 101 they wil find
there greatest fear to beg for their mistakes
We humans being treated like animals
They will not exist without us being tortured
It's sad how they find pleasure in our pain
For one day we will rise for freedom to come
We feel angry and destroyed from the inside but that won't stop us
Deep in our soul there's no dying light, but a strong being prepared to fight!
Till the end of days we must remain strong to avoid defeat
Manyare dying   nothing is left except hope
For what is to come we are not afraid and remember we fight for freedom
This message will spread like flames
when it's over for peace shall come
Kada our beloved god will lead us to victory!
We will stand tall to sacrifice for our country
Ready to see the fire in the eyes as cold as eyes
This message will spread like flames when it's over peace shall come

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