French Exploration to the New World

France shall  get there first!

         Bonjour, O' great King of France,

    Your Majesty, King Louis XIII, I, Nate Harvey, ask of you to fund my trip to the New World and represent France in the colonization. I hail from Germany, not to far from this country. I plan on finding resources that I could bring back to you from the New World. I know you are mostly interested in finding gold, silver, and other riches, and you would also like a new water route to the east, but I would suggest finding some coal and timber. Coal is valuable in certain times, especially in the winter, because coal provides fuel for furnaces, and other tools used for heating purposes. Timber can be used for building more ships. Even though we already have supplies to build ships, in the New World, it would be a fresh start to get wood, and we might even be able to find stronger wood. I am aiming for eastern America, because that is where I would have the best luck in finding coal. This area also has large forests for timber.

    I have discovered that the other countries exploring the New World are Spain and England, and they are looking for gold and riches too, along with exploration routes. I plan on encountering other people and the Natives, though I do not want to fight the Natives, but we want to make friends with them and trade with them. If we happen to pass any of the other countries, we will not be afraid to battle with them if they strike first. I expect to get lost once in a while, due to inaccurate maps of the route to the New World, but I plan to overcome it by drawing maps of my own of our route, in case we get lost. Also, there are many sicknesses that we could catch, and if that happens, I will try to treat them the best I can. If you are willing to fund my trip, I shall leave in the year 1613, a couple months after I have made this proposal.  

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