Podcasting: Ben Stubbs

What is a podcast:

A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


What hardware is needed for Podcasting?

Digital Camera

This is needed when making a visual podcast (not just making a verbal podcast) The advantage of using a camera is that it adds a different aspect to the podcast as the audience can watch as well as hear.

Disadvantage: It will cost to purchase a camera, to beginner podcasters it may not be a viable option. The best camera to use would be a digital camera.

An iPad could be used to film a visual podcast, however it would not be suitable for an audio podcast


The microphone is an essential part of creating a podcast, without a microphone a podcast would not be able to be made, in terms of disadvantages the microphone is another cost, but a necessary cost.

What software is needed for Podcasting?

Audio Editor

A good recording software to use is audacity, Audacity is a free audio editor and also multi-platform.

Animation Software

3ds Max- this is a great package for animation software, especially 3D animation, this ads an extra feature to an audio podcast and can make a rather boring podcast entertaining. For someone who doesn't want to use animation then this is not a package that is needed.

Internet link to upload

You will need access to the internet to upload a podcast and share it with others, this is easily accessible and should not be a problem for anyone to access and upload to a site of their choice, it could be Facebook, Twitter or even Tackk.

Somewhere to publish it to

This could be any where on the internet, to share with friends it could be on a social network site such as Tackk. Podcasts can be shared on specialized podcast websites

Stay on the right side of the law

What is libel?

a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation.


The act of parliament that covers defamation of character is called the Defamation Act 2013.

Copyright laws


Copyright gives the creators of some types of media rights to control how they're used and distributed. Music, books, video and software can all be covered by copyright law.

Copyright legislation-http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/copyright/p01_uk...


The legal penalties for copyright infringement are:

Offenders can be punished with a fine all the way up to being imprisoned. Some of the other penalties are:

A court issued injunction

A court can impound the copyright material.


Performing rights society

There is a legal obligation to join the performing rights society if people use copyrighted material on a thing such as a radio station. https://www.prsformusic.com/SiteCollectionDocument...


Advertising standards authority



Podcasts I have subscribed to





The podcasts i enjoyed the most out of the ones i subscribed to were Rhod Gilberts podcast and Greg James radio 1 podcast. These podcast were funny and I found that they were well made and did not become boring.

My Podcast

My podcast is about Liverpool FC, I am doing a podcast about Liverpool Football Club because I am a supporter of the football club and know about its history so I believe it will be easy to talk about.

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