This is the Bolivian flag.


Bolivia is one of the few countries of the world that has two capitals.  The original capital is Sucre. Now the National Congress lives in La Paz so both are considered the capitals.

The population is more than 10 million people and Quechua, Aymara and Spanish are the official languages of Bolivia. 30% of the population is Quechua and 25-30% is Aymara.  Also 25-30% is mestizo.

Bolivia is in South America and is squished between Brazil and Chile. The population is more than 10 million people. The average life expectancy is 66 years old.

Geography of bolivia

The Andes mountains covers up most of the land.

A very popular tourist attraction and geographical landmark is the Yungas Road. It is a long dirt road and is the most dangerous road in the world.

Between the Yungas and Puna zones in Bolivia there is a dry region that has cliffs, steep hillsides, and valleys.

One of the main features of Bolivia is the Altiplano, A high plateau of the Andes.

The highest peak is the Nevado Sajama.

major bodies of water

The lake pictured above is Lake Titicaca. It is located between Bolivia and Peru. It is an extremely interesting lake due to the fact that the lake is at an crazy high latitude.

Lake Titicaca drains to Lake Poopo. They are both saltwater.

Another freshwater river is the Desaguadero River.

Major cities

The largest city in Bolivia is Santa Cruz.  It is beautiful and is a very popular tourist attraction.

Cochabamba is the second largest city and is almost as big as Santa Cruz.

Another major city is La Paz.


The people of Bolivia only see the country as having two seasons: rainy season and dry season.  The one really cool thing is the really high altitude so the temperature is cool most of the year.


The average high temperature is 76.2 degrees f. and the average low temperature is 50.6 degrees f.


The cuisine mostly consists of Spanish foods. Unlike us lunch is the most important meal of the day. Lunch is so special to the Bolivians that some businesses actually close down so that the workers can go home to eat with their families. Lunch is always followed by a nap called a siesta. Which sounds amazing to me!


Of course soccer takes the spot of the favorite sport. Its crazy some take it really like some consider soccer a religion! But it is good for the country, it brings family, friends and even strangers together.

And not to play favorites but many Bolivians hold world records in track and field. Now I don't understand how but track and field is still not near as popular as soccer.

the role of women and men

Now the Bolivian constitution says that men and women have equal rights but that is not the entire truth. Women are expected to wait on their men. Also which isn't right at all is the fact that women don't get as good an educations as men do! Over 60% of women over 25 years of age cant read and don't have any education.

unusual laws

It is illegal for women to have more that one glass of wine. Now how is this helping? The way is see is that the more wine you drink the more you have to pay... but that's none of my business.

native animals

Most of the animals in the area are from the camel family. Like llamas, alpacas and even chinchillas.  Alpacas are so common they can pretty much be found anywhere! BEWARE THE SPIT!!!


Well first off transportation, its really cheap to catch a taxi well to Bolivians its known as a "trufi". Now another necessity... food! The go-to snack is a sugary empanada with a Coca Cola! Sounds great to me.

Also little tip here try to avoid taking pictures with many strangers in the background. It may sound weird but many natives believe that pictures and cameras steal your soul. :/

And that pretty much all that there is to Bolivia.  Thanks:)

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