Flying High In Drama With Taylor Swift

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My name is Lara Santana and I am a sixth grader at Holman Middle School. In my English class, we are learning how to research about someone famous. I chose Taylor Swift because she is a great singer and she is a good influence to people.

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Some Accomplishments

Taylor Swift has been interested in music for very long, her Grandmother was a big influence on her when she was a kid. In her early ages, she lived on her family's Christmas farm. She started writing and performing songs. When she turned 12, she started to learn how to play the guitar. As she grew up, she became more and more successful and won a Grammy Award.


Following In Grandma's Footsteps

As I said, Taylor started doing things she thought she couldn't do but sooner she started writing her own songs, following in her Grandma's footsteps. She also started singing every chance she could like at concerts, school shows, and once she sang the Star-Spangled Banner at a Philadolphia game at age 11.  Alot of people know her today and I really think she became successful.

Chronological Order

How Did She Get Where She Is?

Taylor first step to beecoming famous was to sing and perform wherever she could. Some other steps were to start writing her own songs and by the age of ten, she had already accomplished that step. Also at the age of 16, she released her first album called, "Fearless." I'm sure a lot of people know about her hit single that came out not too long ago (2014) "Shake It Off." She also just made a new album called, "1989" which was a big success. If you didn't know 1989 is also when she was born.


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Very well done!

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When you said Taylor has been into music for a long time do you know how long, i'm really curious. Love your opening picture!

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what made you pick Taylor swift