Empire Of The Sun

connaissance est le pouvoir

Madame Sainte Marguerite, was the first Tudor monarch. Her life was full of uncertainties ever since birth. Born in July 18, 1738 with the birth name of Rolande Castex. At age 19, she was captured prisoner by Dr. Givenchy in the now famous murder house. She experimented on, making her DNA mutate which gave her immense powers. Rolande Castex escaped the murder house and later found ou she had developed superhuman abilities such as invisibility, immunity, immortality, superhuman senses, superhuman mentality, omniscience, ecological empathy, telepathy, mind control, light, time and sound manipulation. She lived in her own shadows for years, but one day she conquered her biggest fear: Being herself.

Her powers gained her millions and many titles, allowing her to found and built whole country out of scratch starting as a small land, aside with her husband Matthias Poulin and her advisers. She did not take his name, since later in the processes he was assassinated by the hands of the most wanted murdered Henri Durand in October 23, 1809 , making her a widow. She later raised a whole army of 20 companies of brave citizens.  She recieved justice for the death of her love Matthias Pouilin. Later she renamed herself Madame Sainte Marguerite, the mighty head of the powerful Empire Of The Sun. She is one of the most powerful woman in the world.

Madame Sainte Marguerite is forgiving and kind. Her objective was to create a powerful monarchy. She achieved that and continues to impress the world with her knowledge.

Constitution ofEmpire Of The Sun


Our country,  Empire Of The Sun.


This country has been created to free those who wanted to become independent from the previous rulers. Our creation is rooted in blood, but it’s future will be healed in gold with the work of all of it’s citizens.


To be citizen of Empire Of The Sun, you must be born and raised in this country, and be fully and nationally recognized by the court.


The ruler of this country will be those who are descendants of the De Medici bloodline. there may only be one ruler for a period of 15 years, in the case of their death their first child will be crowned, in the case they do not have a child, their first cousin will become the ruler.

This country is hereby known as a monarchy. Which rules under it’s King and Queen, yet by full dominance of Madame Sainte Marguerite.


This government is hereby sworn that it possesses the responsibility to defend the homeland, maintain peace, and uphold our economy. This country will provide its citizens with access to education, healthcare, equal opportunities, and a safe place to live and thrive. The citizens of this country have a responsibility to maintain peace and the spirit brotherhood within each other.


Law 189 List the most important laws that will be enforced in this country.

  1. The people are free to wed amongst anyone they want, no matter the social class, status, and title.
  2. The people may be of Christian and Catholic faith.
  3. The people may buy or sell.
  4. Citizens must pay taxes.
  5. No person shall be persecuted for an act that is not immoral or against the court and most importantly Madame Sainte Marguerite.
  6. No one shall move away, or into this country without complete approval of the court.
  7. Spies of any kind or purpose will be captured prisoner.
  8. Children under thirteen cannot be recruited into labor or as a soldier to war, as it was unjust in the eyes of Madame Sainte Marguerite.


To those who are royals and of rich families with title, education shall be provided free of cost and taxes, yet the poor with low income will pay with their services when they are required by the court - starting at the age of thirteen.


The symbol of this country, a golden crown, represents immense power and victory. Only should be worn by royals.

Red is the color of fire and blood, associated with energy, war, and danger.

White is the color of perfection.

Black is the color of elegance, formality and mystery.

The stripes represent the wound that will score away all evil.


Madame Sainte Marguerite is the head ruler of this country, any offense towards her leads to complete extermination.

The honorable flag of Empire Of The Sun is us. In all sense of the word, the Golden Crown, and the Sun, the most valuable figures in this country represents our many and on going victory as well as strong in power as a whole. The colors, red, black, and white all are a sign of energy, perfection, formality and mystery. The stripes in our flag represent the wound that will score away all evil.

The evil torture room of The Legend Of Us Democracy

Our neighbors, The Legend of Us country shall be exposed for their sins and cruelty against the prisoners. Information was provided to the court by several prisoners now citizens in Empire Of The Sun. The jailers of this country punish these prisoners for simply NOT believing in what they believe. I have heard appalling stories from the nation's prisons and jails. One prisoner described to me how he was handcuffed to the bottom of his bunk in his underwear day after day for months. Another described how his cell was located directly beneath broken toilet pipes, which meant the cell smelled horribly of urine and excrement. I've heard how cells are unbearably hot or cold and how four prisoners are confined to spaces intended for two, with only one set of bunk beds. I've heard about showers that produce only scalding or icy water and about how, when cell toilets overflow, staff are in no hurry to fix them or to clean up.

What represents Empire Of The Sun

Empire Of The Sun Scared National Anthem

 God save the Madame

 Long live the Madame!

for our country relies on her wise decisions

may she find grace in God's eyes

Long live Madame!

the armies proclaim her honor

the citizens ask for her faith

the court rises with her

Long live the queen!

may she defend our laws

and give us cause to sing with heart and voice

God save Madame

may her heart always be full of righteousness

send her victorious long, and happy reign over us

Long live Madame!

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