Exploration to the North America

We will find the middle of North America!!!!!

I will leave for my expedition in 1542, my majesty. Im from England my good sir. I would love for England to fund my expedition, my majesty. The ruler of my country is King Henry VIII, my majesty. The reason I want you to fund my expedition is to find more land for the country of England and i'll give you 15% of the land. Im also trying to find gold for the poor back in England. I will trade some gold to make a better trade profit. Im trying to get to the middle of the North America because all of the found. France and Spain is the only people looking for land. I think their looking for land. If they have conflict ill split the gold so I wont cause a big war. But if they be selfish about i'll have to take them out. Sir i promise that nothing crazy happen to start a war or get us attacked.

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