The Mass Killing of Millions

The Rwandan genocide was mass killing of the Tutsi and Hutu people in Rwandan from April 7- July 15, 1994. The target was only the tutsi population the amount of tutsi people dead were from 500,000-1,000,000. This War Only took 100 days to kill this many people and if you compare it to the Cambodian genocide it took 5 years to kill 1.5 million people. These genocides were Extremely close in deaths.

when did the attack happen and what caused it to happen?

The Hutu's started the slaughter on the Tutsis April 6 1994. when the Rwandan president plane was shot down the Hutu's began to attack the Tutsis immediately. What also ignited the flame for the Hutu's to attack were for years they feared the Tutsi people.The Hutu's remembered the rules of the Tutsis people years ago and when the Tutsis started a rebel group. Tutsis started breaking the rules. When the president's plane was shot down they reacted and thats why the Hutu's immediately started to kill them off. In a way I see why the Hutu's attacked the Tutsi because they lived in fear of them throughout the years. Their harsh rules from years ago so when they shot the plane down they basically were saying they had enough of the Tutsi trying to control everything so when the plane got shot down the Hutu's reacted.

What groups were targeted?

“In 1994, Rwanda's population of seven million was composed of three ethnic groups: Hutu (approximately 85%), Tutsi (14%) and Twa (1%). a couple weeks after April 6, 1994 800,000 women,men and children perished in the Rwanda genocide 3 quarters of the 800,000 people were Tutsi people and thousands of Hutu were murdered for directing the killing campaign" This means the Tutsi were targeted 70 percent of the population that died were the Tutsi population.

Why did the hutus want to wipe out the whole Tutsi race?

Hutu’s had to make sure all the Tutsis race died because they were tired of all their bad rules and the Tutsi treating them bad for years. The fact their president plane was shot down it really made them upset so upset the hutu's wanted to kill the tutsi whole race. Hutu’s felt they had to wipe out their whole entire race because there president plane was shot down. The whole tipping point was really was when the plane got shot down and Hutu’s were really pissed.


The Rwandan Genocide was a harsh mass killing of 500,000-1,000,000 that only took 100 days. You have to make sure you know about all these genocides because if you don't history could repeat itself and you won't know what happening. If you don’t learn about this genocide you won’t know how to stop this mass killing of many so you’re going to be clueless. Rwandan genocide was a harsh killing of many’s one of the most harsh killings of all genocides. Things they can change so this doesn’t happen again is the rules and fairness all around and treat everyone as equals.

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