Canadian Tourism

Andrew Schumacher

The First Nations are descendants of those first settlers from Asia.  That included the Cree, Micmac, Abenaki, and Ojibwa.  They lived in southern Canada.

Canada has a multiculturalism culture which the United States also has.

Stephen Harper

Canada has a prime minister, which right now is Stephen Harper.  A prime minister runs the executive branch from within the legislative branch.

A famous prime minister is Pierre Trudeau.  He led an effort to add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Canadian Constitution in 1982.

Canada exports wood and paper products, fuel, minerals, aluminum, wheat, and oil.  Exports are goods traded to other countries.

Canada imports the most for the United States, and Mexico.  An import is goods brought into the country.

Many Canadians are bilingual.  Bilingual means people can speak two languages.

Francophones are French-speaking people.

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