LoganC #springbreak #kettner #tech41

Over my spring break I went to Cannon Beach, Oregon with my friend Hunter and his famliy. We were there for about  four days, and the weather was amazing. While we were there, we ate delicious seafood, rode bananna bikes on the beach, and even went for an early morning hike through a huge rock collection. The sunrises and sunsets were pretty cool too. On my way back we stopped in Portland, Oregon. We visited the University of Portland, Concordia University, and Portland State University. They were some amazing campuses with tons of blooming flowers and stretches of bright green grass.

This is the hotel we stayed at!

This is the soccer team I play for,we are called SSC Shadow, and my coaches name is Abbas.
This is a picture of the beach, the big rock is called Haystack Rock, it's got a tide pool at the bottom and is home to tons of birds
This is Concordia University, I visited this while I was in Portland because I was trying to decide whether to do a soccer camp there
My dad is on the left standing next to Hunter's dad
This is my state team in Phoenix in January, I'm the one in the green
This is my club team after a tournament, we came in 2nd, I'm the tall one in the ree
Me making a save against our rival team in the same tournament, we won the game 3-2 in overtime, we won the first time we played them 3-1