Inventions that have Changed the World

Can you imagine if there where none of these things?

Tooth Brush

   Key Features    

  •    Earlier forms other than the tooth brush we use today where used since 3000BC using the materials: chew sticks, tree twigs, bird feathers, animal bones, porcupine quills, bird feathers and horse hair. 
  •    The tooth brush we use today wasn’t invented until 1938.    
  •    Williams Addis in 1770 was sent to jail for causing a riot. While he was in jail he used ray with soot and salt and rubbed it against his teeth as a way of cleaning his teeth. Then in 1780 he invented the first Mass-Produced tooth brush.  
  •    An American invented the Electric tooth brush in 1960.  
  •    The first brittle tooth brush was invented in China, in 1498.


Can you imagine if there was no toothbrushes? You would have to use porcupine quills, bird feathers and horse hair.

The toothbrush we use today is more Healthier and Comfortable.


          Key Features

  •   Marco Polo travelled to China and discovered the recipe of Pasta. He then brought it back to Italy in 1292. Italy have eaten and loved pasta only since the 16th century. Italy has created many different shapes and sizes of pasta.
  •   Middle ages- Pasta was eaten by Arabs who was ruled by Sicily at the time.
  •   Ancient Romans- pasta was eaten by the Ancient Romans, 1st century AD.
  •   Ancient Greeks- Ate a version of Lasagne.
  •   Wheat was imported from Sicily and Puglia, this made it very expensive to buy. Until the 18th century the poor people had to have vegetables.  
  •   The best Pasta is made from Durum Wheat.
  • Did you know there is even a pasta museum Museo Storico Degli Spaghetti in Pontedassio, Italy?


Can you imagine if there was no pasta? Italy would not have its famous and yummy pasta. Everyone enjoys pasta.

Pasta is a yummy food to have today it also has a cultural importance to some places.           (e.g.  Italy.)


Toilet Paper

Key Features

  • 50BC- the Chinese made toilet paper with short lengths of bamboo then added cotton linen rags soaked in water pounded into a swollen pulp which was then formed into sheets and put out into the Sun to dry.
  •   2nd century- Ts’ai Lun (court official) mixed mulberry bark, hemp and rags and water which was then mashed into a pulp pressed out the liquid and put in the Sun to dry.
  •   18th century- newspaper was used.
  •   19th century- toilet paper on a roll was introduced.
  •   20th century-Scott Paper Towel was invented by Scott.


Can you imagine if there was no toilet paper? We would have to use short lengths of bamboo.

The toilet paper we use today is healthier, comfortable and convenient.

Computer with Internet

Key Features         

  •    2400BC- the Abacus was introduced in Babylonia.  
  •    1623-calculating clock was invented by William Schickard.  
  •    1835- Morse code was introduced by Samuel Morse. 
  •    1969- Seymour Cray invented CDC 7600 Super Computer.  
  •    1971- Email was introduced by Ray Tomlinson.   
  •    1976- Apple was invented by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.  
  •    1983-more than 10 million computers had been sold in the USA.  
  •    1998- Google was introduced by Sergey Brin and Larry Rage.  
  •    2001- XBOX was invented by Bill Gates.


Can you imagine if there were no computers with internet? We would have to use an Abacus or a calculating clock.

 A computer with internet we use today is more convenient, efficient, helps us to communicate using email and  is useful for learning.


Key Features        

  •    1874-Bell had the idea of creating a telephone.   
  •    1876- Bell received a patent for his invention of the phone but on the same day Elisha Grey put in for a patent but Bell received the patent.  
  •    1888- William Grey created the first Pay Phone. This was used by placing a coin into a slot and this would mean you could call someone.  
  •    1962- Touch screen phones were sold.   
  •    Today- we use phones that fit into the palm of your hand. We don’t just use phone for communicating now we can play games on the phone you can even look things up on the internet.


Can you imagine if there were no telephones? We would have to use pay phones and spend $1 for every call we make.

The telephone we use today is convenient, efficient and helps us to communicate with anyone we wont to communicate with by using email or message and even ring someone and talk to them.

By Abby King

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