Ole Miss
By: Stacey Kopinski

Teams nickname: Ole Miss Rebels

Mascot: Ole Miss recently changed their mascot from Colonal Reb to the Rebel black bear

Slogan: Hotty Toddy is a chant sung by all ole miss fans before every game. “Are you Ready? Hell yeah! Damn right! Hotty Toddy, gosh almighty, Who the hell are we? Hey! Flim flam! Bim bam! Ole Miss by damn!

Fun facts:

  • there are 3 national championship teams. 1959,1960,1962
  • almost 300 players from ole miss have been sent into professional ranks
  • ole miss has had 34 bowl appearances
  • there only been 12 head football coaches in the past 120 years
  • they are changing their mascot from colonal reb but keeping their nickname the rebels

I think the image Ole Miss is trying to create with their colors, logos, mascot and slogan is that Ole miss is just a place to be yourself, have fun, and support your team!

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