Vibrant Vivacious Valentine

Choose from the following prompts to create your Valentine (or Valentines)!

Valentine Acrostic Poem

An Acrostic Poem is a type of poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word, which is usually the topic of the poem.


Bewitching packages

Of enigmatic mystery

Of enchanting romance

Kiss my creativity

Sending me on epic adventures

Poem © 2015 Whisper

Write an acrostic Valentine poem using someone's name who you love, or a Valentine word such as "LOVE," "VALENTINE," etc.

Valentine Cinquain Poem

A cinquain poem is a five-line, non-rhyming poem.  It focuses on imagery and nature.  You can use this guide:

Line 1:  Noun

Line 2:  Two adjectives describing the noun from line 1.

Line 3:  Three verbs ending in -ing that describe what the noun from line 1 might do.

Line 4:  A phrase describing the noun on line 1.

Line 5:  Synonym of line 1



Adorable, sharp

Giggling, running, babbling

-The light of my life


Poem © 2015  Whisper

Valentine Tanka

A Tanka poem is similar to haiku, but it is a little longer, and uses simile, metaphor and personification, and is better suited to be written about love and emotions.

  • Line 1:  5 syllables               
  • Line 2:  7 syllables               
  • Line 3:  5 syllables              
  • Line 4:  7 syllables               
  • Line 5:  7 syllables           


If I fall for you

Will you be there to catch me?

I try to resist,

But your appeal is dashing,

And your charm is disarming.

Poem © 2015 Whisper

Roses are Red...

Write a "Roses are red, Violets are blue" type of rhyming poem.

List Prompts

Use one of the prompts below to make a list.  Then use your list to make a Valentine's poem.

  • Make a list of ways you can show your love to someone special.
  • Write about a special moment where you felt or expressed love - list what was going on, where you were, what you felt, what you heard, etc.
  • Make a list of reasons why you love someone, or things you love about them.
  • Make a list about what love means.
  • Write a list, then a poem, titled "Love is..."

Writing Prompts

  • Write about a special moment where you felt or expressed love.
  • "To have a heart of gold" means to care about other people.  Describe someone that you know that has a heart of gold.
  • Write your definition of what love means.
  • Describe the best Valentine's Day you've ever had.
  • Describe a book that you loved reading.
  • Describe what it would be like to live in a world where everyone loved their neighbor as much as themselves.
  • How do you show people that you care about them?
  • Describe the qualities that make someone a great friend.
  • I would love to meet this famous person...
  • I love to eat...
  • In my spare time I love to...
  • I would love to visit ______ because....
  • "To have a big heart" means to be giving and caring.  Describe someone that you know that has a big heart.
  • If you "break someone's heart" you cause them great disappointment or sadness.  Describe a time you either broke someone's heart or had your heart broken.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Ms. Garrett and Mrs. Cooper

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