2016 Presidential Election News

After studying media, public agenda, and the public sphere; I've decided to compare articles related to the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.  Articles about the election are hot topics for many people and are highly relevant to anybody in the United States.  Many articles compare different aspects about the candidates and highlight their priorities for the White House.  I tried to use a variety of media sources including a television news website, internet news, and social media news source.

The first article I read was a source from CNN , focusing on the topic of the richest presidential candidates.  When first reading this, I wondered what the importance of candidates' wealth had to do with being President, but after reading again, I realized that it does impact political agenda.  The article reported a wide gap in wealth between the candidates, with the highest net worth totaling $80 million from Carly Fiorina and the lowest meeting $330,500 for independent candidate Bernie Sanders.  Other candidates were mentioned to have luxurious beach estates and downplay their wealth by emphasizing humble beginnings.  It's important that candidates are careful to show wealth, because after all they are representing all US citizens, most of which are not so wealthy.  

The next article I looked at was a source from Politico on the topic of Hilary Clinton's stance on college education and eliminating debt for students. The article summarizes in an interview liberal attention given to Clinton's campaign after an interview where one of her campaign workers mentioned debt free college for students.  Liberal millenials are hopeful that this is a strong campaign topic for the democratic candidate and are keeping an eye on her plan, once she announces it, that is.  

My final Buzzfeed article focused on a Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, and his attempt at attracting support from the latino minority vote by stating that he is in support of immigrant working towards earned legal status.  The minority vote will be a large factor in the 2016 election, just as it was in the 2008 election of Barack Obama.  Bush summarizes his attitude towards immigration and says that border control is a must and we must work towards making legal immigration easier than illegal.  Depending on foreign immigration control, this may be a difficult task to defeat.  

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