Who shoot the MH17 down?

Evidence that it was pro-Russian terrorists shooted down MH17 Malaysian Airlines

At 4:50 pm Kyiv time (30 minutes after the plane disappeared from the radar), Igor Strelkov (Girkin) — the leader of the terrorist organization DNR — posted the following on his personal page:

"An-26 plane has been shot down near Torez just now, crashed somewhere about the “Progress” mine. We warned – no flights through “our sky”. And here’s the video proof of another “birdfall”. The bird fell beyond the spoil tip, no harm to living quarters. Also there is information about the second plane, might be SU".

The message was deleted at 7:30 pm. But it's saved in Google cache http://bitly.com/terrormh17 (or alternative URL http://www.peeep.us/1f23e83a).

Intercepted phone calls between Russian military intelligence officers and members of terrorist groups, released by Ukraine's security agency

Videos filmed by eyewitnesses at the crash site

The chronicle from Anton Gerashenko,
counsellor of Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. All time is Kyiv local.

10:00 am: 5 tanks with white standards and titles “Oplot” have appeared in Snizhne. Warriors, those were in tanks, covered their heads with white fillets.

12:00 pm: Missille system went thought Torez from Shahtersk way. Locals identified "Buk" in it.

1:00 pm: 3 tanks with titles “East” and enclosed Kamaz with people and surface-to-air missile on board went thought the center of Torez in Snizhne direction.

2.00 pm: tanks with white standards came from the center of Snizhne in are of circle on drive way. Tanks, those went thought Torez also came to light in the center of the city.

3.20 pm: 4 tanks “East”, Ural, Kamaz with surface-to-air missile on board and yellow bus with warriors, black jeep with red car number went from Snizhne to Shakhtarsk thought Torez.

4.20 pm: The "Malaysia Airlines" airplane en route from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam was shot down by a missile launched from "Buk" near Grabovo settlement in Torez.


There was a prior notification from eyewitnesses that at 12:10 pm a missile system similar to “Buk” was transported through Torez.

Snizhne is city which controlled by DNR (Donestk People Republic)

You can see how that missile system moves in Snizhne town near Torez at 07/17/2014.

Two days before the terrorists announced that they have completed repairs of a “Buk” system captured from Ukrainian army. (http://politikus.ru/articles/24368-chem-sbili-an-26.html)

Official twitter of DNR says: "We have Buk". Tweet deleted after catastrophe

On June 29, the Russian news agency “Itar-Tass” reported that terrorists have occupied a Ukrainian military base which had a “Buk” system.

In their initial announcements, Russian mass media reported a Ukrainian transport plane had been shot down. Ukrainian military announced they did not use any aviation during July 17.

Intended #MH17 route vs the crash site

Passports belong to killed in the catastrophe.