Skinny Trap

In this billboard ad for Calvin Klein, we see a slim female in a black swimsuit, with plenty of cleavage spilling out of her top. Her eyes are loaded with eye shadow, but her gaze is still visible as somewhat vacant and seductive. (trapped?) She is leaning forward to give us the best view of her cleavage and has her hip popped out to show a little curviness. The combination of her hands resting on the glass and her facial expression makes me believe that she is waiting to be rescued. According to Perez Hilton's website (link in picture), some people even see an offensive term when looking closely. The table in the background would make the "F" and her swimsuit bottom the "U." Those two letters next to the Calvin Klein brand logo makes - well, you can spell it out.

It seems like sex is ubiquitous. Women in fashion magazines pose to reflect their sex appeal to sell a product or brand. Most of these women flaunt "flawless" skin and an extremely thin body type, which is not achievable for most healthy human females. However, that does not mean we are not photogenic, or that we don't have sex appeal. If this model could escape the skinny ideal of beauty, then she would no longer be in the camera lens.

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