Conditionals Examples

Zero Conditional

  • If you freeze water, it turns into ice.
    Si congelas el agua, se convierte en hielo.
  • If I work too much, I get tired.
    Si trabajo demasiado, me canso.
  • If I have time, I usually go to the movies.
    Si tengo tiempo, generalmente voy al cine.
  • If she eats hamburgers, she gets an allergy.
    Si ella come hamburguesas, le da alergia.
  • If they come here, they always bring a present.
    Si ellos vienen aquí, siempre traen un regalo.

First Conditional

  • If it rains today, I'll stay at home.
    Si llueve hoy, me quedaré en casa.
  • If he is busy now, I will come back tomorrow.
    Si está ocupado ahora, regresaré mañana.
  • If I have time, I'll visit my parents this afternoon.
    Si tengo tiempo, visitaré a mis padres esta tarde.
  • If it is warm tomorrow, we'll go to the beach.
    Si está caluroso mañana, iremos a la playa.
  • If it is cold, you must wear warm clothes.
    Si está frío, debes usar ropa abrigada.

Second Conditional

  • If I won the lottery, I would buy a big house.(I probably won't win the lottery)
  • If I met the Queen of England, I would say hello.
  • She would travel all over the world if she were rich.
  • She would pass the exam if she ever studied.(She never studies, so this won't happen)
  • If I had his number, I would call him. (I don't have his number now, so it's impossible for me to call him).

Third Conditional

  • If she had studied, she would have passed the exam (but, really we know she didn't study and so she didn't pass)
  • If I hadn't eaten so much, I wouldn't have felt sick (but I did eat a lot, and so I did feel sick).
  • If we had taken a taxi, we wouldn't have missed the plane
  • She wouldn't have been tired if she had gone to bed earlier
  • She would have become a teacher if she had gone to university

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