An Introduction into the Respiratory System

By: Anaja Hewlin

The Respiratory is:

  • One of the major body systems in the human body
  • Helps you breathe
  • Deals with your nose, lungs, and anything that helps you breathe
  • There are many diseases that could affect this system

Above is a picture of our respiratory system. It includes all things that are read in the picture. As mentioned before, there are many diseases that could affect this system, but here is one that you can learn about.

This is a disease called pulmonary embolism. It is a disease that is obviously caused in the respiratory system near the lungs that gives you trouble breathing. The symptoms are:

  • Chest pain
  • Coughing (painful)
  • Trouble catching breath
  • Heart rate becomes faster
  • Lost oxygen in the body and also feeling lightheaded

Sometimes when you see babies are born prematurely, this is because their respiratory systems weren't functioning correctly. At least 15 million babies are born each year. There is a disease that happens to some premature babies called Respiratory Distress Syndrome. It is really difficult for the, because it makes it even harder for them to breathe since they are already born prematurely.

You should try to keep your respiratory system healthy. Drink plenty of water and keep yourselves hydrated and exercise as often as you can. These steps could prevent you from catching diseases.

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