Schlieffen Plan

Germany wanted to go through a neutral country to surprise France because they thought it would take Russia a long time to get ready. They went through Belgium it made Great Britian mad. So then Great Britain later joined the war. Also Russia got ready after than Germany thought so Germany had to fight on two fronts.

Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles was a treaty made up by Italy, France, US  and Great Britian. It's was a piece treaty made up of the allies who won the war. It punished Germany and gave them things to follow and payments.

Treaty of Brest-Litvosk

After Russia suffered from the great loss in men they needed to pull out of the war. So then Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litvosk. Which was a treaty with Russia and the Soviet Union so Russia could be able to pull out of the war.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand king of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian group called the black hand. Austria-Hungary mad wanted to investigate in the black hand but Serbia refused therefore Austria- Hungray called Russia to help.Which led to the event called WWI.

The U.S. joins the war

During the beginning of the war U.S. help the allies with weapons, supplies them later joined. Germany desperate for help sent a not to Mexico called the Zimmerman note to motivate them to join the war. The note had included Germany trying to persuade Mexico to joined. Which stated to mexico about the land that the U.S had earlier taken  from then which is currently called California and New Mexico.

Trench Warfare

1915 on the Western front opposing armies dug miles of parallel trenches of mud to protect themselves. But the trenches weren't as succes full as they wanted. If a soldier had looked up above the trenches they would be shot by machine guns, also other soldier had died in the trenches from diseases.

WW1 Propaganda

During the WW1 countries would use propagandas to promote the war. Also ways to get cizitens invloved in the war. Which included to get men to join the war and to spare food for soliders in the war.

Causes of WWI

The main causes of WW1 is militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism. Militarism is having and army being able to be mobile and ready for war. Imperialism is wanting to expanded your land. Alliances were Germany, Italy and Austra- hungray then Russia,Great Britian and France. The last nationalism is when a country has more power than others.

Battle of the Marne River

Battle of the Marne River was Germany's concluded from schlieffen plan. It also conclude in Germany having to fight on two fronts due to their misjudgment of how fast Russia would get ready. So Germany had to reatreat from France to go fight Russia.

Battle of the Somme

The Germans laughed an attack on the French near Verdun. Both side suffered from loss of soliders. Then Great Britian attack Germany from the Somme River.  

Total war

Total war is when all types of cizitens get involved in the war. For example when the men go fight  women stay home and take the jobs. Also when cizitens have to save food that will go to the soliders in the war.

Battle of verdun

A battle fought between Germany and France and is known as the longest battle that is fought in a small amount of land. It affect the France military severely. And was the most tragic battle in a small land.

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