Britton's Believable Box 'O Poems

The wedding week is crazy
By: Britton

The wedding week is crazy,

The wedding is buzurk,

I said let's let out doves,

But my spouse ordered larks.

The church we rented has bugs,

All we could do was glaire,

The replacement had no bathroom,

No table nor no chairs.

At least the cake is perfect,

One good thing at last,

I think that when it’s over,

I’ll be happy with my past.

The Important Charm Key Chain

The important thing about my charm key chain is

that my dad gave it to me.

Sure it came from London,

And it is pink,

And it hangs on my backpack,

And it clings and clangs,

You squeeze it when you're sad,

And it is beautiful,

But the most important thing about it is that my dad

gave it to me.

Inner Beauty

It comes from within,

You think it’s what meets the eye,

Cherish real beauty.

Pirate Food

Pirate George said come on laddys,

lets go get some krabby patties

Pirate Molly said no

lets go eat at pirate Joe's

No cause your hair is to ratty


Bored easily

Roots for the Royals

Interested in art

Talks to her friends

Takes info and uses it

On top of things

Never stops working hard

Seriously social

Planets and Stars


different, colored

orbiting, revolving, rotating,

big, bold, gas, sun,

twinkling, shining, exploding,

bright, faraway, pretty,



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Awsome poems!