up photo
by trae pecinovsky

1. What actions did you use? Why did you use them? I used brightness and vibrance and I turned the first bar on vibrance all the way up and the second bar all the way down. I used them because I like how it made the picture look black and white, and made the computer screen look different.

2. How did you make the assignment your own? Why did you take the photo you took for the theme? I made it my own Because I used my computer and the editing and I took the picture. I took this picture for the theme because I thought it would work well.

3. What would you change about your photo? I wouldn't change anything but maybe getting a different angle of a shot.

4. What do you really like about your photo? I really like the editing and how the picture looks black and white from the before picture.

5. Whose photo from last week did you like best? I like heidis again because of the way she edited and took the picture.