The Fifth Amendment

No your honor, YOUR out of order!

Take the fifth, No Double Jeopardy, Grand Jury Indictment,  Due Process, and Eminent Domain.

Take the fifth

Defendants can "plead the fifth" when they are unwilling to answer a question in a case for a capital crime.

No Double Jeopardy

No defendant can be tried twice for the same crime.

Grand Jury Indictment

A group of people look over a case and decide if there is enough evidence to open up a case.

Due Process

The law should be fairly applied to each person.

Eminent Domain

Any government entity can take any private property only for the good of the community with proper procedures (Due Process of Law).

Video on understanding the Fifth Amendment

Miranda Rights Side Note

The fifth amendment was very important into shaping the Miranda rights.In 1966, a man named Ernesto Miranda was arrested for Rape, Assault, and robbery. When authorities questioned him, he did not know he had the right to remain silent, and eventually was led into confessing. He was released because the court said his constitutional rights were violated. Today, the Miranda rights are the most common application of the fifth amendment.

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