Label: OverZelesMusic                                                                                                               Genre: Hip-Hop                                                                                                                   Hometown: San Antonio, Texas (resides in Austin, Texas)                                                     Releases: First Flight (2012), The Layover: A Preview [5 tracks] (2014),    The Layover: Grounded, But Still Lifted (3.22.15)

Upcoming  Release: July 2015


Born and raised in the Countdown City a.k.a. San Antonio, Texas, Zeles felt the music in his bones from a very young age. A student of the game from the age of six, Zeles’ steady diet of hip-hop cassettes developed him into the force he is today. Since moving crowds at high school party ciphers and on stage at the Mike Jones concert, Zeles knew what he was destined to become.

After months of teasing individual tracks online, Zeles unleashed his debut mixtape First Flight; the world’s first look at an artist who is here to stay. You’re immediately awed by his declarations of swagger, but also relate to his raw, emotional truths. It is only the first glimpse of a story that mirrors all of our own. Over a handful of soulful beats, Zeles immerses the listener with his unique experiences with inner-conflict, grand ambitions, and personal relationships. Love it or hate it, Zeles’ music will undoubtedly inspire strong feelings within every witness of his talent.

Today, Zeles' trajectory continues with the release of his follow-up mixtape, The Layover.  The 5 track preview of the project, The Layover: A Preview, has been well received by audience members, bloggers, and online listeners, alike.  Fans, old and new, are raving about his 2nd mixtape, The Layover: Grounded, But Still Lifted.There is no doubt that Zeles is poised to continue to  make an impact with The Layover and future projects. You will want to watch what Zeles does next.


The Purist Hip Hop Show (New York City) on “The City” -  “Gotta love hip-hop when it’s refreshing hip-hop.  Lyrics [were] there;  production was there...[Zeles] spit[s] like a true fan [of hip-hop].”                                          
- DJ Live from The Stuy

Discover Good Music on 'The Layover: A Preview' - “This little EP is an incredible taste of an artist that can craft very diverse tracks. Each track has a different vibe...It’s progressive, and his flow sounds effortless. His writing skills are something to be admired, with some tracks showcasing his lyrical abilities and others allowing his listeners to hear his ability to create a catchy chorus. He doesn’t rely on features to move his tracks, but places them sporadically throughout the project, allowing it to breathe."

HotNewHipHop.com on Zeles track, “The City” and "The Layover: A Preview" - Why We Like Zeles: Zeles embraces the kind of soul-sampling production that recalls Rocafella era Kanye West-- a sound that's definitely been a bit buried in trap high hats as of late, and thus comes as a breath of fresh air. The rapper is also very capable on the mic, bringing personality and skill in equal measure.

RAW Artists Organization (Christina Barboza) A self motivated man who's (artist) name says everything about him.  Zeles works hard to engage the audience with his original lyrics. His beats get the crowd rocking and his words keep them tuned in.  He uses descriptive lyrics to captivate his audience in stead of using profanity to shock them into listening.

Shows + Events

Zeles has a highly energetic stage presence and has provided entertainment at a variety of venues, including company and family-friendly environments. Below are some of the Live Venues at which Zeles has performed:

The Belmont (Austin, Texas) - 500+ attendees

Stereo Live (Houston, Texas) - 700+ attendees

Backstage Live (San Antonio, Texas) - 400+ attendees

210 Kapone's (San Antonio, Texas) - 500+ attendees

City Hall (Denver, CO) - 400+ attendees

Speak Easy Cannabis Club (Colorado Springs, CO)

Zeles Contact Information

Manager/Artist Development: Adrian Gonzalez

Phone: 210-872-8769

Email: OZMBooking@gmail.com

For all inquires regarding booking or collaborations, please include all relevant details relating to the project. Thank you.  "Be overzeles."

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