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MHN Hair Studio Presents a Seminar on Hair Loss

About MHN Hair Studio

In March 2013, MHN Hair Studio sponsored a special women's hair loss seminar hosted by managing director Flora Fuentes. The seminar included discussions of topics such as the science of hair and hair loss, how to distinguish between temporary and permanent hair loss, the emotional effects of hair loss, and available solutions. MHN Hair Studio invited several experts to attend the seminar that included 2011 Miss America finalist Kayla Martell, who herself began experiencing hair loss at the age of 11. Featured experts included hair transplant surgeon Dr. Mollura and Rhonda McCarthy, who specializes in women's hair replacement and supplied seminar attendees with professional consultations.

A recognized leader in the field of hair restoration, MHN Hair Studio has an extensive clientele that ranges from businessmen to Hollywood actors and politicians. The studio has earned recognition on numerous TV and radio news talk shows, as well as on ABC's Extreme Makeover. Additionally, the studio has several trademarks for its innovative hair restoration services, including Derma Bond®, Microskin Implants®, and the Two Tiered Approach®.

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