Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

In Morgan Spurlock's documentary Supersize Me there are many issues presented in contemporary society but the main issue that I saw is represented through American society but is definitely all over the world is laziness. A good example of this in the documentary is when the obese girl said she couldn't afford subway each day or even just make her own sandwich. This is definitely one of the reason the worlds obesity levels are rising so quickly and Spurlock is definitely trying to present this in the documentary. People all over the world are just finding it too hard to cook dinner, it can’t be that hard. For some it may be a struggle but turning to fast food for every meal or when you just can’t be bothered which is more often than not is just not helping anyone. Fast food taste amazing because it is stuffed with fats and sugars and makes you feel amazing when you eat it for most people, but it isn't healthy and I am pretty sure almost everyone knows that but they still buy it. This then leads into another problem in contemporary society which is the lack of education which is presented in the documentary in two cases. The main one is when Spurlock shows the young kids pictures of well-known character such as George Washington, Wendy's, and Jesus and of course Ronald McDonald and I bet you can guess which one they all got correct, Ronald McDonald. So the clearly reflects on the laziness in contemporary society.

In the documentary Spurlock’s has to limit his steps per day to 5000 just for the experiment to be realistic. How is the average American only taking 5000 steps a day, I can walk 5000 steps just walking from class to mu locker in one school day let alone walking from my room, to the fridge and back to my room 100 times when I get home from school. This is plain laziness as Americans who can walk to work still just catch a cab for a one block ride. Spurlock gave us another hint towards the issue as he started getting Maccas delivered, how lazy can you get, with everyone on their phones these days with technology taking over its just easier for someone to call up McDonald's while still seated on their couch and order it directly from there lounge room, but how devastating it must be for them to get up and walk to the door because I doubt they are going to leave it sitting on the front mat.

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