Mobile Applications

Within the Classroom


Duolingo is a great application that helps students learn new languages. They have over 15 different languages to choose from, including: English, French, Spanish, German, etc...

This would be great use in an English as a second language instance. It takes students through different exercises and the lessons progressively  get harder. This could also be used in a beginners French class at nearly any level. The application is very user friendly.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great application when it comes to help outside and clarification outside of the classroom. It has thousands of online lessons that go through the basic and harder concepts in mainly math and science courses.

This would be a great tool for all students when they feel like they need more clarity on a specific subject. For example I turned to Khan Academy many times during my grade twelve math class. Personally, this application has been of great use to me.


Edmodo is a great tool when communicating with teachers or other students. It is essentially a facebook for school and can be used to communicate and get extra help. It also has a calender and is able to tell you when assignments are due, similarly to our Haiku's we made.

This works specifically for the older grades who are able to use a computer without parent supervision. I made an Edmodo account in grade nine and I used it all the way until grade twelve, it helped me keep track of things that I had to do. A benefit to Edmodo is that it is online so I can pull it up on my phone for ease.


Procreate is a powerful digital illustration application, it has many settings so artists can make the piece of art that they envision.

This can be used in an art class at any grade level. Art does not always have to be this magically complex thing. It can be as simple as drawing a picture of family (elementary level), or a wonderfully abstract piece of art.

My script Calculator

My Script Calculator is an amazing tool that fills in the answer to the solution that you write down. It is very helpful when it comes to math class.

This can be be used in a math class at any level. It was very beneficial to me when I got into algebra in grade nine. If I could not find the answer to something I would type it into the application and it would find my answer. I could then go back and try to figure out where I went wrong before.

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